In you initial therapy session we will get to know each other.  We will also discuss what you would like to accomplish through working together.  We will also start discussing some of you background history and you will be required to complete some paperwork.

In the following session we will discuss what goals you would like to work on.  We will work together to come up with a plan to address and work towards these goals.  You are in charge of the direction the therapy process will take.  We will work towards your goals through discussion, problem solving, learning new skills, and practicing new skills.

Typical therapy session are 50 minutes long and can occur every week and continue as long as needed to address goals.

All services are confidential.

Appointment hours vary by day:

Monday: First appointment at 9 and Last appointment at 3.

Tuesday:Mornings-Varies by week. Appointments also available from 3 pm-7pm

Wednesday: Varies by week

Thursday: Varies by week

Friday: First appointment at 9 and Last appointment at 3.